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The Dominode Blockchain Solution for Professional Digital Identity Management

Designed to maximize protection, privacy, and portability, the Dominode Professional Identity Solution secures and authenticates the integrity of all data, documents and processes, and gives the owner unprecedented control over when and where digital assets are shared across multiple channels.

Fundamental to the solution are the same internet technologies used by NASDAQ, Walmart, Overstock and IBM to facilitate trade around the world.  Our core product leverages blockchain, smart contracts, and crypto technologies with:

  • Permissioned access to a global business network
  • Validation by trusted sources supported by proof of assertion documents
  • Hyper-secure and multiple key encryption
  • Mobile biometric authentication enforces security and portability

A professional can record academic and professional qualifications in additional to financial and personal information. All data is verified to be true, is fully portable, secured with strong encryption and supported by proof documents.

With Dominode, professionals control and share their digital assets inside an encrypted permissioned network wherever they are and on any device, with less risk and complexity.

What is Blockchain?

The blockchain is a system that is used for recording and sharing the history of transactions and tracking assets within a business network. Basically, anything of value can be tracked and traded on the blockchain.

The system creates a fully-automatized distributed digital ledger that is used to record and synchronize transactions across many computers. Each participant in a permissioned blockchain has a unique identity which controls network participation and access to transaction details, so that confidential information is shared on a need to know basis. Agreement is required from all network members, and only authenticated transactions are recorded. No one person can delete or alter a transaction after the initial recording.

With blockchain, for example, a business professional’s license application and related background investigations can be documented, secured, and distributed when permission is granted; certificates of good standing can be established in trusted jurisdictions, and then shared globally on consent; and required reporting can be filed on a timely basis, with automated notification of expiration.

The blockchain, smart contracts and crypto technologies offer a compelling solution to the many complications that stand in the way of protecting a professional’s digital assets and identity.

use cases

License Management

Within the global gaming and lottery industry, there are more than 400 licensing jurisdictions with many operators and vendors doing business in multiple jurisdictions. In each jurisdiction, regulators require operators, vendors, and key employees to submit highly sensitive data, documents and questionnaires to attest to character, financial status and fitness to hold a gaming license. The many-to-many relationship is a time-consuming, expensive and redundant task which is open to financial and personnel constraints, inefficiencies in compliance management and monitoring and importantly, data security breach.

Dominode solves this problem by becoming the single source of truth for Regulators, Operators and Vendors with a secure, scalable and fault-tolerant platform for Regulatory Compliance and License Management. Dominode speeds the sharing of critical documents in an ultra-secure, private and cost-effective manner by creating a one-to-many relationship between Regulators and Licensees.

Designed for absolute maximum security, every design decision is made to secure and protect the integrity of the documents and process—and the business. Contact the sales team to learn how the Dominode solution will benefit the gaming industry.

Our Customers

Professionals and businesses operate in an evolving and exceedingly complex global economy where a diverse set of requirements are unique to each licensing agent, industry and jurisdiction. Designed to maximize protection, privacy, and portability, the Dominode platform secures the integrity of all data, documents and processes, ultimately to protect and manage professional and business digital identities.

Licensed professionals have complete control over their digital identity across multiple jurisdictions. All documents are uploaded once and released with permission. Your professional identity is fully mobile and secured with a biometric key.

Businesses submit licensing applications and supporting documents once to the Dominode solution with complete control over when and which documents are shared. Required documents are filed on a timely basis, with automated notification of expiration.

Regulators and compliance professionals have a secure, low cost, and scalable platform with a single, unified view of all multi-party transactions under their jurisdiction, enhanced by a full audit trail and improved turnaround time for license approvals.

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Our Company

Dominode is building trusted professional identity solutions leveraging blockchain, smart contracts, and crypto technologies to accelerate business in a highly-connected world.

The Dominode platform is designed to maximize security, privacy, and portability of digital assets that are validated and supported by proof of assertion documents.

Operating as a distributed trust system inside a permissioned blockchain, our technology gives professionals the power to confidently and securely share access to their digital identity no matter where they are and on multiple devices.

Dominode’s team brings more than 100 years’ experience architecting and managing complex product development and delivery, including 65 years’ in highly regulated industries.

Our Team

John Toohey

Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder

John has nearly 20 years’ experience in the architecture and management of commercial grade distributed, fault-tolerant and secure systems solutions and is committed to harnessing the power of Blockchain to build a first-class Universal Business Identify Solution for regulated industries.

He is a performance focused technology executive, consistently delivering revenue growth and driving highly strategic business initiatives to support corporate goals. A visionary in launching strategies, programs and services to capture new revenue opportunities, John a proven ability for building and motivating global teams, and has built and sold two technology companies. In addition to English, he speaks fluent Icelandic.

Cherie Duncan

Chief Operations Officer and Co-Founder

Cherie is a certified Project Management executive with a career highlighted by a record of achievement in successfully delivering on business-critical objectives in highly regulated industries.

An effective leader with demonstrated abilities to assess and quickly turn around struggling projects while executing optimal solutions for complicated business problems, Cherie has led global teams in the development of open platforms, event-driven services and micro service architectures for more than a decade at Scientific Games, a global provider of lottery and casino technology. She lived abroad and managed teams spanning 13-time zones.

Mike Lightman

Chief Commercial Officer

Mike is responsible for leading the Company’s business development and sales efforts. Formerly, he has served as a senior executive for public corporations including Scientific Games and International Gaming Technologies, and for venture-backed start-ups including GameLogic Inc.

An accomplished executive, leader, and strategist, Mike is driven to innovate products and develop successful business ventures with a focus on interactive, loyalty, CRM, and ecommerce technologies. He holds an MBA in marketing and finance from Columbia Business School, and a BS in computer science from Union College.

Mollie Mills Cole

Director Communications

Mollie is a corporate communications executive with 15+ years’ experience in creating, refining and delivering strategic communications for B2B and B2C companies. Most recently, she held a senior level position for a global innovator in casino, lottery and interactive technology, and led internal and external communications including brand management, executive and change communications, crisis and issues management, and media and public relations.

In addition, Mollie served as Vice President/Managing Director of an integrated marketing agency specializing in traditional and digital communications for small and emerging businesses.

Our Advisors

Robert Stevens

Growth Insight, Inc.

Bob is a strategy and corporate development consultant with Growth Insight, Inc.  He formerly served as partner at Mercer Management Consulting (now Oliver Wyman), and as vice president, corporate strategy at Scientific Games. 

Bob served on the Board of Directors of two publicly traded companies, Axsys Technologies and Bluefly, Inc., and consults on strategy and corporate development with clients in the gaming, retail technology, music publishing and other industries. Bob currently serves as an advisor to Dominode, Brickwork Software, Backbone PLM and Reachify, Inc.

David R, Pye

Vice President, Corporate Development (Retired)

Dave is a senior executive with expertise in strategy, business development, product management, strategic alliance, mergers and acquisitions for diverse technology and services businesses. He excels at identifying and leveraging profit and growth opportunities across value chains and eco-systems, and is a business architect with operational experience for growth and turnarounds. Dave has an encyclopedic understanding of the global gaming industry from assessing virtually all gaming segments, products, business models, capabilities and businesses.


Dominode is building trusted professional identity solutions for a global leveraging Blockchain and Crypto technologies. We are looking for smart people who are serious about work that matters.

Dominode is an Equal Opportunity Employer with a globally distributed team. We are currently looking to fill the following positions:

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